But, she cautions, “it’s not that way across the board.”

The images are the predicted 3-D shapes of more than 200 million proteins, rendered by an artificial intelligence system called AlphaFold. “You can think of it as covering the entire protein universe,” said Demis Hassabis at a July 26 news briefing. Hassabis is cofounder and CEO of DeepMind, the London-based company that created the system. Combining several deep-learning techniques, the computer program is trained to predict protein shapes by recognizing patterns in structures that have already been solved through decades of experimental work using electron microscopes and other methods.
The AI’s first splash came in 2021, with predictions for 350,000 protein structures — including almost all known human proteins. DeepMind partnered with the European Bioinformatics Institute of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory to make the structures available in a public database.

July’s massive new release expanded the library to “almost every organism on the planet that has had its genome sequenced,” Hassabis said. “You can look up a 3-D structure of a protein almost as easily as doing a key word Google search.”

These are predictions, not actual structures. Yet researchers have used some of the 2021 predictions to develop potential new malaria vaccines, improve understanding of Parkinson’s disease, work out how to protect honeybee health, gain insight into human evolution and more. DeepMind has also focused AlphaFold on neglected tropical diseases, including Chagas disease and leishmaniasis, which can be debilitating or lethal if left untreated.
The release of the vast dataset was greeted with excitement by many scientists. But others worry that researchers will take the predicted structures as the true shapes of proteins. There are still things AlphaFold can’t do — and wasn’t designed to do — that need to be tackled before the protein cosmos completely comes into focus.

Having the new catalog open to everyone is “a huge benefit,” says Julie Forman-Kay, a protein biophysicist at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto. In many cases, AlphaFold and RoseTTAFold, another AI researchers are excited about, predict shapes that match up well with protein profiles from experiments. But, she cautions, “it’s not that way across the board.”


Shanghai is the city where I live. I like this charming "magic capital" Shanghai.

So why can Shanghai attract so many people?


I think this is mainly because of its profound history, prosperous economy, rich and colorful lifestyle and so on. But I am most impressed by the city spirit of Shanghai.

The sea embraces all rivers

Shanghai is like an inclusive stage where everyone can show their talents and specialties.

Her characteristics lead to various characteristics of different cities being reflected in her.

Pursue excellence

Since the launch of the Pudong New Area Plan in 1990, a new Shanghai has begun to rise. In Pudong, a huge building with a height of about 468 meters, which was originally a beach, stood up and became the third tallest tower in the world at that time, known as the "Oriental Pearl TV Tower". After several years of development, a number of skyscrapers have come out one after another, constantly refreshing the boundaries of the city skyline in the wake of people's exclamations.

Enlightened and wise

We can find old Shanghai in Jing'an Temple, Chenghuang Temple, Yu Garden and other places, but Shanghai is also "new".

There are up to 300 international exhibitions in this city every year, and various international activities spring up like mushrooms.

Atmospheric humility

As an open city, Shanghai has a broad mind. Here, it seems that all styles can be respected.

No matter what, I love Shanghai!

(Author: Xing Kexin School: Pudong Foreign Language School affiliated to Shanghai Foreign Studies University Instructor: Li Qin)


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