Even with an eventual approval, questions would remain for

Even with an eventual approval, questions would remain for patients and their caregivers, says Zaldy Tan, a geriatric memory specialist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. “Cost and logistics are going to be complex issues to tackle,” he says. One estimate puts aducanumab’s price tag at $40,000 annually, and treatment would require injections, for instance, which would require regular visits to a health care facility.

In China, where food is the most popular, there are countless kinds of food, and there are also countless world-famous food! However, few people know about the delicious food that Tude dropped off. Zhiding Xiaobian has collected some delicious food that Tude dropped off. Do you know?

Tuotuo Meat


Tuotuo meat is called "black feet" in Yi language, which means pork pieces. Tuotuo meat is the basic method of making meat for the Yi people in Xiaoliangshan. Because this kind of meat is special and not very fat, it tastes more delicious and appetizing. The key to making Tuotuo meat is to master the proper temperature. The meat is soft when the temperature is not ripe or too late. Therefore, ordinary people will not do it. Tuotuo meat made by the Yi people is fresh, fragrant and unique. It is especially made of young pork weighing four or five kilograms. It is crispy and delicious, and is a good choice for local people to entertain guests. Therefore, Tuoluo meat has become a famous flavor dish in Xiaoliangshan.



A special food in Tianshui area. Whether it's a cold winter or a hot summer, there are always purple croaks selling at the stalls. The customers come and go, and the business is very prosperous. If people in the northwest like hot and sour food, Tianshui Guagua is a typical spicy snack. If a beginner faces a bowl full of red croaks, he will gasp and sweat. The local people especially like to be born early, and some men and women almost "can't live without such a gentleman".

Mixed rice


This is a small food that every family must eat during the Spring Festival in old Beijing. The young people don't understand what kind of food it is when they mention "mixed food". Haven't they seen it on the street? In old Beijing, "mixed rice" was actually made by mixing peanuts, dates, chestnuts, preserved peaches, dates and other fruits. During the New Year holiday in old Beijing, the children's favorite food is not the dumplings and New Year dishes. What they want to eat most is the "honey offering" placed in the Buddhist temple to worship the God and the "mixed food" with bright colors and various tastes.

Stir dough



A special food in northwest China, it can be divided into buckwheat flour dough, corn dough and potato dough according to the main ingredients. In northern Shaanxi, buckwheat flour dough is more powerful and delicious. In the northwest, there is a saying that whoever marries a wife is virtuous or not, it is to see whether she has disturbed the group or not. A bowl of sour rape soup, a small oil plate, and a large bowl of corn dough. Eating the dough while drinking the vegetable soup, it is fragrant, hot, oily, sour, salty, and has more national characteristics.

soup with pepper


Spicy soup, also known as hot soup, is a traditional breakfast in Henan. It is a famous traditional soup of Han nationality that is common in breakfast in northern China. The soup made from a variety of natural Chinese herbal medicines in proportion is mixed with pepper and chili, and bone soup is used as the base material. It is characterized by being slightly hot, nutritious, palatable, rich in flavor, beautiful in color, sticky in juice, spicy and delicious, and is very suitable for other breakfast meals. At present, it has developed into one of the snacks loved and known by Henan people and Shaanxi people.

Potato wipe



Potato wiping is one of the traditional meals in northern Shaanxi, western Shanxi, and eastern Gansu. Potato is actually a potato, and wiping is a tool for wiping potato shreds. It is mainly made of potatoes and a little white flour. It is very popular in northern Shaanxi. The golden potatoes are lightly oiled, and the fragrance of potatoes is permeated. When you take a bite, you can not only taste the chips and chew, but also smell the red pepper with minced meat. Potato rub is a natural green food, which can be eaten all year round.

Printed rice cake



Yinziba is a folk food of Han nationality in Dazhi, Hubei Province. It is made twice a year, once before the Spring Festival and once after the Flower Festival in February. There are two kinds of cakes. One is sorghum cake, which is red, representing the more prosperous the day is; One is white rice cake. After steaming, it is red in the middle of rice cake, representing harvest, festivity and holiness. Yinziba is also green, which means that we hope the coming year will be smooth and the crops will be strong. Ba printing is made of wood, and its shape is generally only large as the mouth of a small tea cup. Ba Yin is carved with a variety of animal and plant patterns in reverse, such as horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, dragons, dogs, birds, flowers, grass, etc., which are vivid and lifelike. The piled Bashan Mountain is crystal clear and beautiful, which can be called an excellent folk art.

Money and rice



When it comes to money and food in northern Shaanxi, it is widely known in northern Shaanxi. Every housewife can do it, and everyone who has lived in northern Shaanxi has eaten it. Qian Qian Fan is a kind of porridge. The black beans are soaked, round and swollen. They are rolled and pressed into pieces like copper coins, so people call it "Qian Qian Fan". Qian Qian Rice is nutritious and easy to digest. It can quench thirst and heat in summer and keep warm in winter.

Yantai Braised Pork



Yantai braised rice is a famous Han snack in Yantai, Shandong Province. It is made of crude sweet potato starch. The starch is heated and frozen with water. The frozen food is cut into small pieces, fried in a pan until the outside is burnt. The color changes from white to transparent, and served with shrimp oil, sesame paste, garlic juice and other spices. Once, braise was very popular with Hong Kong citizens. Where there were snacks, there was always braise; Nowadays, we can't find Yantai braise in the snack street, but it appears in the hotel. Teacher Cao, who specializes in cooking at Yantai Business School, believes that snacks have the characteristics of snack management, and braises should still follow the popular route. I hope the stew can return to the snack world!

Water repairing whistle



Xiushui whistle is a traditional name of Han nationality with a long history and rich characteristics in Xiushui County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. The word "whistle" should be beside the word "food". There is no such word in the computer, only "whistle". The word "whistle" (sh à o) of the "whistle" was created by the Xiushui people according to the dialect, and there is no such word in the dictionary. All the people who come to the water repair shop want to have a good meal with whistles, while the hospitable water repair shop people often treat guests with whistles. Anyone who has tasted the whistle personally will be praised for its tender skin, delicious filling and refreshing taste.