Really can’t read books? Leave it to AI.

The influence of artificial intelligence on reading will become more and more popular, and it will also have a more important impact on future education. AI can be combined with school education to provide customized learning plan and personal career planning, which can stimulate students’ positive learning attitude and desire and cultivate more competitive talents. AI can also use the big data of the Internet to monitor students’ learning process and give accurate guidance and help in terms of time, progress and feedback.


In short, AI can not only replace some friends with backward skills and bad habits, but also serve as a powerful tool to improve our efficiency in acquiring knowledge. The improvement of artificial intelligence will enable us to achieve many unimaginable things in the future, improve the learning effect and productivity, and thus make important contributions to the progress of human civilization.


In the past, those who were good at reading could gain new knowledge and experience by reading. For people like us who are not very good at reading, we can draw on their time, energy and money with the help of these people and pass this knowledge on to us directly. We can skip steps and get knowledge and information directly, thus shortening our study time. This is extremely beneficial to those who are in a hurry or are unable to finish reading a book due to certain environmental restrictions.In modern society, information explosion and increasing competitive pressure, reading has become an essential activity to cultivate one’s skills and knowledge. Surprisingly, however, many people never read books. The existence of so many people will obviously have some negative effects on the future. Fortunately, we can now use the power of artificial intelligence to replace some people to do things that they are not good at.However, now most people have access to and use artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool, which allows us to further expand the scope of information and gain more knowledge. 


AI can retrieve, understand and summarize texts faster and more accurately than human beings by reading, analyzing and refining content. It can automatically classify, label, confirm or refute controversial views about a book. It can also save readers a lot of hard work, such as finding references related to books, the meaning of terms and so on. The accumulation of these basic skills enables people to understand and master knowledge and experience in other fields more quickly.In the future, the application of artificial intelligence will continue to expand its field and integrate more resources and data to optimize the learning effect and enhance the learning experience. 


We can even use AI to guide our reading, maximize the knowledge and ideas in each book, and compare and evaluate them with other materials and resources. In such a case, most people will no longer need the help of readers; Instead, I have more accurate and systematic learning experience, and I can get information and knowledge faster, so as to improve my quality and competitiveness in an all-round way.