Deputy Liu Qingfeng: Promote the construction of a large model of cognitive intelligence and let everyone have an AI assistant

Network Power and Hundred People Talk —— Special Articles of the National People’s Congress and the National People’s Congress in 2023Using AI painting can help us create more diverse and fresh works of art and make our creation more innovative.Moreover, the use process is very simple. Just upload text materials, such as landscapes and portraits, and you can choose parameters such as colors and materials as needed. AI painting can quickly generate a stunning painting.


As a strategic technology leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, artificial intelligence is changing people’s production and life. How to make thousands of industries enjoy the AI dividend? How to care for the aging society and ensure a happy old age? How to care for teenagers’ mental health and children’s happy childhood? During the two sessions of the National People’s Congress in 2023, Liu Qingfeng, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of Iflytek, said that he had brought eight suggestions this year, focusing on artificial intelligence to help medical care, old-age care, adolescent mental health, barrier-free environment construction and other social and livelihood areas, as well as how to deal with industry changes and ethical issues brought about by science and technology.

"Artificial intelligence should take solving the just-needed social needs as the starting point and stick to the core technological innovation at the source. We have long been concerned about how to better let the industry enjoy the AI dividend and build everyone’s AI assistant." After being re-elected for five terms and performing his duties for 21 years, representative Liu Qingfeng continued to make suggestions and suggestions for the development and innovative application of artificial intelligence technology.

Reporter: At present, the breakthrough of cognitive intelligence technology represented by ChatGPT has attracted attention. What are the suggestions for the large-scale application of cognitive intelligence technology to benefit people’s livelihood?


Liu Qingfeng:China’s cognitive intelligence model can only have a self-controlled future if it evolves on the base of domestic technology. We should speed up the construction of a large model of cognitive intelligence in China, let the industry enjoy the AI dividend as soon as possible on an independent and controllable platform, and let everyone have an AI assistant.

It is suggested to attach importance to the research and development of cognitive intelligence model, build an innovation system of Industry-University-Research cooperation with leading enterprises as the main body, and accelerate the follow-up and catch up with the international frontier level; Accelerate the demonstration application and large-scale value landing of cognitive intelligence big model technology in all walks of life, and support the value landing in the fields of education, medical care, justice, human-computer interaction, AIGC, industrial internet and enterprise digitalization; Further increase the domestic hardware and software technology base supporting artificial intelligence for R&D and service of large models, so that large models can be built and run on domestic basic platforms such as storage, computing power and operating system. Only by developing on the domestic technology base can China’s cognitive intelligence model have an autonomous and controllable future; Build a public computing platform for cognitive intelligence big model, and set up a mechanism to use the platform to expose the list, so that more scientific research institutes and technology start-ups have the opportunity to stand on the national public computing platform for model training and algorithm innovation; Build a national data resource platform, gather the basic data needed by the cognitive intelligence model, build a data co-construction and sharing mechanism on the basis of legal compliance, and support strategic scientific and technological forces to accelerate the research and development and evolution of the cognitive intelligence model on the platform of national data resources; Make an in-depth study on the subversive influence that artificial intelligence may bring to various industries, and make adaptive adjustments for labor diversion, social assistance security system, applied talent training mode, and social coping for the elderly; Encourage industrial funds to refer to the new investment agreement model of shareholders such as OpenAI and Microsoft.Explore the equity investment agreement model that is more conducive to the entrepreneurial team and the core technical backbone to struggle for their dreams for a long time, and build a better science and technology venture capital ecology and innovation and entrepreneurship environment.


Reporter: In recent years, you are also concerned about the problem of population aging. How does artificial intelligence "care" for an aging society?

Liu Qingfeng:We should put science and technology into the national development strategy, use artificial intelligence technology to improve the quality of life and happiness index of the elderly, and help build a healthy China. It is suggested to set up a special research project on artificial intelligence to care for the elderly society, encourage the use of artificial intelligence technology to serve the security guards, domestic care and emotional care of the elderly, use intelligent means to prevent accidents, vigorously support the research and development of home care robots and companion robots, promote robots to enter the family, and use artificial intelligence technology to help happy old age.

For the elderly living alone and empty nesters, it is necessary to support the research on the integration of software and hardware adapted to science and technology, and form an intelligent bottom-up service system of man-machine cooperation through the development and application of intelligent active care and home terminal hardware, so as to care for and guarantee the safety and happiness of the elderly living alone and empty nesters.I believe everyone knows the popularity of AI technology, and AI painting is no exception. In fact, AI painting is a technology that allows computers to learn painting by themselves through artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning technology, and realizes the creation of works of art like human painters.

Reporter: How can a wider range of vulnerable groups share the future by establishing a barrier-free environment?

Liu Qingfeng:In order to meet the learning and living needs of special people, create fair development opportunities and improve the quality of normal life, it is suggested that barrier-free smart products should be included in the medical device catalogue and medical insurance catalogue, so as to lower the threshold for special people to use such products and make them more fair and accessible. Promote the inclusion of closed captions in TV and online audio-visual programs, and encourage qualified units and individuals to promote artificial intelligence technologies such as voice transcription, synthesis and translation on Internet content platforms, various websites, APPs and intelligent terminals to facilitate special people to obtain information.


In addition, strengthen the application of new technology, improve the teaching effect and efficiency of special education, and broaden the support for different types of obstacles; Increase investment in resources, further improve the barrier-free hardware environment of ordinary universities, primary and secondary schools, and encourage more ordinary students with sports disabilities to participate in normal school education; Improve the coverage of special education in underdeveloped and remote areas and reduce regional imbalance.

Reporter: In recent years, the mental health problems of teenagers have become more and more prominent. What role will artificial intelligence play in caring for teenagers’ mental health?

Liu Qingfeng:In 2022, 25 cities across the country successively issued relevant documents to strengthen the mental health management of primary and secondary school students, and began to explore the working mechanism of screening, early warning and intervention tracking of students’ psychological problems. However, in the actual work, there are still difficulties and problems such as insufficient coverage of psychological screening and early warning, low accuracy and low closed-loop intervention rate.

Education should be based on reducing the burden on teachers and students, and mental health is the foundation. I put forward the suggestion of "using artificial intelligence to care for teenagers’ mental health and care for children’s happy childhood", hoping to automatically analyze children’s problems such as parent-child relationship, interpersonal sensitivity, physical health, campus bullying and exam anxiety through artificial intelligence technology, judge the severity and causes of psychological problems, and carry out targeted guidance and intervention.

For example, artificial intelligence can exert its strength in three aspects: building a management platform for adolescents’ mental health, establishing a whole-process management mechanism from screening and early warning to intervention tracking, and improving the coverage rate and early warning accuracy of adolescents’ psychological screening nationwide; Establish a closed-loop management mechanism for intervention tracking of medical education interconnection, establish a green channel and referral mechanism, and implement hierarchical and classified intervention tracking to reduce the crisis rate; Strengthen the research and application of artificial intelligence technology in layered intervention of adolescent psychological problems, and accurately evaluate and predict students’ psychological problems.

Reporter: The digital economy is the key power source for the global economic recovery, and artificial intelligence is an important engine for the development of the digital economy. How to treat "self-reliance through science and technology"?

Liu Qingfeng:At present, AI not only helps and warms every family through education, medical care and old-age care in people’s livelihood, but also empowers China’s industrial development through industrial internet, virtual economy and metauniverse, profoundly changing the world’s production and lifestyle in the present and future.

The development level of artificial intelligence determines the voice and comparative advantage of a country and a nation in the global industrial chain in the future. Today, we need the original technological innovation more than ever, and we must take the fate of innovation, development and progress in our own hands, and we cannot build a building in someone else’s yard. Science and technology enterprises need to serve the national strategy, and we must make greater contributions to the country’s industrial chain security and innovation and development in the new round of information revolution represented by artificial intelligence. (Reporter Li Zhengyi)