Scientists already knew that some microscopic organisms

Viruses could be a good source of phosphorus, which is essential for making copies of genetic material, DeLong says. But it probably takes a lot of viruses to account for a full meal.

In the lab, each Halteria microbe ate about 10,000 to 1 million viruses daily, the team estimates. Halteria in small ponds with abundant viral snacks might chow down on about a quadrillion viruses per day.

These feasts could shunt previously unrecognized energy into the food web, and add a new layer to the way viruses move carbon through an ecosystem — if it happens in the wild, DeLong says (SN: 6/9/16). His team plans to start finding out once ponds in Nebraska thaw.

 snack on aquatic viruses such as chloroviruses, which infect and kill algae. But it was unclear whether viruses alone could provide enough nutrients for an organism to grow and reproduce, says ecologist John DeLong of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
In laboratory experiments, Halteria that were living in water droplets and given only chloroviruses for sustenance reproduced, DeLong and colleagues found. As the number of viruses in the water dwindled, Halteria numbers went up. Ciliates without access to viral morsels, or any other food, didn’t multiply. But Paramecium, a larger microbe, didn’t thrive on a virus-only diet, hinting that viruses can’t satisfy the nutritional requirements for all ciliates to grow.

When it comes to Tao Yuanming, the first thing that comes to mind is his "Tale of the Peach Blossom Garden" and his famous poem "Picking chrysanthemums under the east fence, you can see the south mountain leisurely". Tao Yuanming yearns for a paradise in the world, and we all want to live in the noise! Although it is just a beautiful imagination, there are still some places in the world that are just like a paradise. These places are beautiful and peaceful, which can help people forget their troubles. Today, Zhiding Xiaobian will introduce to you that if you want to take a free travel one day, they may be your destination.



The ancient town is located 3 kilometers southwest of Tengchong County, Yunnan Province. Because there is a small river running around the village, it is renamed Heshun, which means "the people and the people are in harmony". The ancient town is built along the mountains and rivers, which are well arranged from afar. In the evening, taking advantage of the sunset, we crossed the alley to the river. On the bluestone, there were women stamping clothes and washing vegetables, children playing and playing, white geese and ducks swimming freely in the water, and the noise of the day was removed. Everything became comfortable and quiet. During the leisurely walk, we felt the vastness of the town.

Baoshan Stone City


Located in Yunnan, about 110km from Lijiang, it is a place where Naxi people live, with unique scenery. There are cliffs on three sides of the Stone City, and one side faces the roaring Jinsha River. There are only two stone gates in the north and south, which can almost be said to be a real natural danger city. The houses here are built by splitting rocks, and all objects such as stone beds, stone pillows, stone tables, stone benches, stone stoves, stone jars, etc. are also made of stone, showing the original appearance of the Naxi people. They are very ancient and are real original ecology. What's more, there are also cascaded terraces, which are beautiful and magnificent.

Shaqiong Village


Located in Xiachayu Town, Chayu County, Tibet, it is a village where "僜 people" live together. Although 僜 people are not recognized by the state, they are still hospitable. If there are guests from afar, they will take chicken feet, chicken or pork as raw materials, add local plants as condiments, and process them into a kind of food for guests through manual and necessary processes. Shaqiong Village is like spring all the year round. There are many plantains and trees here. Wooden fences and stone fences are indistinct, just like the "Taoyuan" with green shade.

Bing'an Ancient Town


It is located in Chishui City, Guizhou Province, 25 kilometers away from the urban area. Now, the land and water transportation is relatively convenient, the forests are lush, and the original ecology is relatively complete. The ancient town is built on the cliff beside the Chishui River, leaning against green mountains and surrounded by water. The stone is the door and the rock is the wall, just like an ancient castle. The standing wooden stilted building is still as stable as a rock even though it has been thousands of years. Seeing these ancient buildings, perhaps you can better understand the leisurely artistic conception of Yelang Kingdom in ancient times.



It is located in Fuliang County, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, 50 kilometers away from the urban area of Jingdezhen. Just like the lyrics of Jay Chou's Blue and White Porcelain, "I am waiting for you while the sky is blue and I am waiting for you. The smoke curls up thousands of miles across the river." The misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River reappears in Yaoli. The Yaohe River passes through the town, and the ancient villages are built along the water. All of them are Hui style buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The cornices and corners, white walls and black tiles are hidden in the green mountains and green waters.

Bamei Village




Located in Yunnan Province, Zhuang people live there. There are no roads and mountains around here. The villagers can only get in and out by rowing through a dark water cave several kilometers long in small boats. They have little contact with the outside world and are almost isolated from the world for a long time. They live a self-sufficient life, quiet and peaceful, with a beautiful environment, just like a real source of peach blossoms.

Danba Tibetan Village


Located in the west of Sichuan, it refers to the Tibetan village formed by the residents living in Danba County, the mountain stronghold in Danba, formerly known as the blockhouse stronghold. In the changing times, blockhouses and stockaded houses are perfectly integrated. The blockhouses here are scattered in the green mountains and forests. They are beautiful and beautiful, with flowing water that seems to exist or not, just like a picture scroll. They deserve to be the first place in the "most beautiful countryside in China".

Qingdao Yinghua Town

Tongxing Road, located at the north foot of Fushan Mountain, was built in 2009. There is a strong cultural and natural atmosphere here. On the day when cherry blossoms bloom, the town has a kind of elegant beauty. Walking in it, you feel like you are in heaven. In fact, if you are good at discovering beauty and listening to nature, heaven on earth is around you.