Arteta: There is no hurry to get Jesus back. He needs time to get back to his best.

Live on March 11th, Arsenal coach Artta was interviewed by the media a few days ago and talked about Jesus’s comeback.

Arteta said: "We will try not to rush to get Jesus back. We will try to make a fair evaluation to see how long he needs and when he feels comfortable, and also provide the team with a shot in the arm that we need in the next few weeks."

"Everything is going well, and Jesus needs time to gain confidence and build up his physical condition. This is a necessary condition for playing freely. Once he can do this freely, we will send him to play."

Technology empowers and continues to be reborn. On March 4th, the theme exhibition "Essex Digital Fashion Exploration Tour-Variation Fashion Variations and Shen Bin Fashion Art" officially opened in Park1903. Focusing on the integration of creativity, technology and art under the digital fashion wave in the Web3.0 era, the event aims to explore the new fashion ecology with digital technology and show the latest achievements in the research on the sustainable development of artificial intelligence in the fashion field.

This is the first time that Shen Bin, the founder of Essex Fashion, has exhibited his distinctive and original fashion design works in the field of sustainable fashion in China. He is committed to exploring the relationship between digital fashion and nature, science and technology and humanities, and actively exploring the transformation and development direction of fashion industry.


Fashion Variations: The Exploration Road of Science and Technology Leading Fashion

In this exhibition, 2D theme works generated by Midjourney based on artificial intelligence technology are exhibited respectively, including four series: "Uniting the Beginning", "Fulfilling the Present", "South of Colorful Clouds" and "Enjoying the Future with Wisdom". The unique aesthetic design breaks through the traditional dimension boundaries and presents amazing visual effects, showing Essex Fashion’s unique design style of fashion and technology. At the same time, a series of 3D virtual costumes vividly interpret the "sense of wonder" in the exotic environment, digitally present the designer’s fashion design concept, constantly switch colors to express the unrestrained fashion feelings, and touch the creativity to the audience with more dynamic and rich artistic forms. As the result of fashion experiment, the physical ready-to-wear exhibited on the spot started from the conceptual design of AI images to the final formation of sustainable physical clothing, showing the public another feasible mode of artificial intelligence and human cooperation.

Essex Fashion originated from Shen Bin’s social media account registered on Instagram. In its early days, Essex Fashion was regarded by most people as an artistic and conceptual virtual clothing brand, which attracted the attention and tracking of many famous artists and clothing brand designers. In just three months, Essex Fashion has successfully attracted more than 15,000 active followers. But Shen Bin’s goal didn’t stop there. How to make Essex into a wearable ready-to-wear brand that can enter the mass wardrobe, and even change the development mode of a new generation of fashion enterprises is a more important topic. The connection with Midjourney has taken an important step for her to complete the exploration of combining technology with fashion.

This is where the theme of "Variation Fashion Variations" comes from. In her view, many trends of wearing "fast fashion" will soon be replaced by sustainable fashion in the future. In terms of design form, 3D virtual technology has changed the production mode of traditional printmakers making front pages and second editions, which can be reduced to making only one edition or even not. With the emergence of AI, while continuously updating data for analysis and learning, new styles can be infinitely exported for selection. This is a new model different from traditional fashion, and it is also the exciting fashion "Variation" of this exhibition. "Because I want to see where the carriage of world fashion will take us under such a mode of combining technology and fashion." Shen Bin said.


AI Era: Thoughts on the Development of Artificial Intelligence Plus Fashion

As a cutting-edge designer in the fashion field, Shen Bin is good at colliding unusual styles with different elements, and is also good at introducing the concept of science and technology into her design. From fabric technology to tailoring to pattern design, every work reflects her deep understanding of sustainable fashion and shows a strong, avant-garde and futuristic style.

For example, in terms of materials, she adopted fabrics that are in line with sustainable development, including recycled twill, viscose crepe, BCI double knitted cotton, recycled nylon and recycled wool. In terms of design, the zero-waste pattern can improve the grading accuracy and increase the visual interest of rich colors of fabrics, thus creating a different design experience from previous physical clothing.

"Especially in the early stage of design, artificial intelligence helped me a lot. It used to take three days and five days to collect data or materials. Now these actions only take three to five minutes to be presented." Shen Bin said that the blessing of artificial intelligence can not only save a lot of time for data collection and data analysis, but also make daily work more efficient. In the early sketching stage, it also brought her some unexpected inspiration, which helped her to generate creative ideas of clothing with predetermined unique elements, and many works with subversive designs were produced in this way.

She believes that the next stage of artificial intelligence in the fashion field may really completely change the industry, from executing human instructions to image adjustment, and developing into dialogue and context awareness. In the future, artificial intelligence will also penetrate into all aspects of the fashion supply chain to manage the inventory of the supply chain, or more accurately predict the trends of the styles and colors preferred by consumer groups. She believes that artificial intelligence will eventually affect the traditional supply chain, brand marketing and the overall customer experience of fashion industry. "Only by keeping an open attitude, opening your heart, embracing technology and enjoying the convenience brought by technology can human beings work side by side with artificial intelligence."


Future world: the subversive change of sustainable fashion industry

From the creative conception of clothing, to the advocacy of sustainable textiles, to the application of AI artificial intelligence in fashion supply chain, Shen Bin started from "clothing" and created a subversive "future world" with wisdom and belief.

In Shen Bin’s works, whether it’s 2D works with traces of Essex’s first experience, imaginary 3D clothing, or entity ready-made clothes with "Free Spirit", it’s the result of strong collision between artificial intelligence service and subjective thinking. She is good at using futuristic style to capture the free mood hidden in virtual space-time, break the limitations of the physical world, and redefine the future sustainable fashion lifestyle in which the virtual world interacts with the real world. At the same time, she retains her originality and uniqueness to the maximum extent.

This special cross-cutting research mode between sustainable development and fashion is not only caused by his personal aesthetics and deep understanding of fashion, but also closely related to the designer’s unique life experience. Before the age of six, Shen Bin lived in a village in Yunnan, China. He grew up in an extremely simple natural environment and was nourished physically and mentally. This experience shaped Shen Bin’s reverence and love for nature, which was condensed into an innate gift in his genes. "So when I create, I will use many animal patterns or plant dyeing, which are very close to nature and very primitive patterns." Shen Bin said.


Exotic flowers and plants, rare birds and animals, birds, trees, insects and fish, every herbal element applied under the design of sustainable fashion concept, all pour into Shen Bin’s concern and protection for the environment. However, her academic research and work experience in international metropolises such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and new york has facilitated her cross-domain integration of global cutting-edge technologies, and made her start to think rationally about a deeper problem: how to bring new ideas and environmental solutions to the entire fashion industry in the face of the reality that the fashion industry has brought inevitable harm to the earth. Although this road is not easy, she always believes that "a single spark can start a prairie fire, with a long way to go, but the future can be expected"!

Web3.0 has arrived. This art exhibition connecting digital technology and fashion not only discusses the opportunities and challenges that the sustainable development of artificial intelligence will bring to the fashion industry, but also puts forward the thinking on the interaction and integration of virtual reality and the relationship between fashion and sustainable development, bringing the infinite possibilities of future fashion to more people. (