After the woman withdrew money from the ATM

After the woman withdrew money from the ATM, she forgot to take away her bank card and was stolen 4100 yuan.

One night recently, Ms Zhang went to an ATM machine in lingbierli on the island to withdraw money. Ten minutes after leaving the ATM machine, Ms Zhang received a notification message from the bank, saying that Cary spent 4100 yuan. Not in front of the ATM machine, and there is no consumption, how can the money in the card be taken away? Only then did Ms Zhang find that she forgot to take the card after withdrawing the money.

Ms. Zhang immediately returned to the ATM and found that the card had been taken away. She immediately reported the case to the police. The monitoring record of the ATM showed that, A man wearing a black T-shirt took Ms Zhang’s money and bank card. At 07:53 that night, the man came to the ATM and found a bank card left by others in the card slot. After confirming that there were no other people around, he took 4100 yuan from the card in two strokes, and take the bank card away, the whole crime process is less than two minutes.

At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

[Introduction]: On July 20, the Office of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Huadu district released a letter to friends of the residents in the whole district! Please actively cooperate with us to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

At present, the overseas epidemic continues to spread, especially delta virus variants with faster transmission speed and higher viral load are raging around the world, and the epidemic prevention and control situation at home and abroad is still grim and complicated. Huadu District is located at the location of the airport, with dense passenger flow, logistics and business flow from abroad, complicated people, things and environment. The task of “foreign defense input” is very arduous.

I. Active reporting

If you are engaged in commercial services, cleaning, handling, transportation and other positions in the airport that may contact overseas personnel and inbound goods, please take the initiative to report to the village (residence) committee, cooperate with relevant prevention and control measures.

II. Conscious monitoring

Please pay close attention to the health status of yourself and your family, and compare the “Top Ten” clinical manifestations of covid-19 pneumonia (fever, dry cough, fatigue, impaired smell and taste, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia, diarrhea) self-health monitoring. Continue to maintain good living habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, getting together less, and not gathering.


III. Timely medical treatment

“One minute ago, I was still watching the wonders of the seabed. I was in the vast universe in the blink of an eye. It was so overwhelming that I came to the Cretaceous when dinosaurs were rampant.” A media person described his “adventure” in Jimei Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration Center in this way “. Yesterday, at the opening press conference held by Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration Center, the reporter learned that this large indoor Science Park, which “goes into the sea from heaven, passes through ancient and modern times, and is omnipotent”, will be officially opened to the public tomorrow morning.

Although the appearance building of Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration Center is Chinese Jiageng style, the projects inside are very fashionable. It is reported that Jimei Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration Center has set up seven exhibition areas around the four themes of “Aerospace, navigation, natural disasters and information communication”, with five core exhibition items originally created in China, it is the first indoor large-scale Science Popularization Park with the theme of “exploration” in China.

Just entering Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration Center, the reporter was attracted by the silver “monster” in the deputy atrium. This is not only a work of art that can be viewed from a distance, but a “giant slide” for tourists to experience-the slide cabin is composed of steel pipes and transparent reinforced masks, and is covered with colorful LED light strips, such a simple and modern design is only for tourists to experience the feeling of crossing the wormhole in the universe. According to the staff, the “giant slide” has a maximum height difference of 17 meters, which is 3 floors high and belongs to the first core exhibition item in China.

In Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration Center, there are also “atrium light and shadow show”, “Tiangong No. 1”, “X-Flight space-time exploration” and “Happy Time Light Brigade” which are also the core exhibition items in China “. It is worth mentioning that “X-Flight space-time exploration” and “Happy Time Light Brigade” are special cinemas, which combine the exciting story line with high technology, among them, “X-Flight space-time exploration” also has the rail car project of Shanghai World Expo China Aviation Pavilion.

Unique experience suitable for all ages

Don’t think such a thrilling exploration experience is only suitable for young people. In Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration Center, each exhibition area has experience projects suitable for the elderly and children. It is especially worth mentioning that the it’s my time station exhibition area, located on the first floor, is a mini technology theme Exploration Park that concentrates the essence of four theme exhibition areas and is specially tailored for children.

How can I play so many projects without spending a day? What should I do if I play for a day? You don’t have to worry about these problems. The staff of Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration Center have already considered them for you. On the ground floor, there are navigation theme restaurants and aviation theme restaurants. The restaurants are arranged through lighting and on-site layout, create an atmosphere at the bottom of the sea or the sky, so that you can feel a different kind of romance while dining.

If the above symptoms of discomfort occur, please wear a mask to the nearby medical institution with fever clinic. During this period, avoid taking public transportation and try to avoid contact with others. When seeing a doctor, you should take the initiative to inform the doctor about your occupation, recent residence history, contact history of similar symptom cases, etc.

Bank reminder: If citizens do not operate on the ATM machine for a certain period of time, the card will be swallowed by the machine. When operating on the ATM machine, be sure to take away the bank card in time to avoid being taken by others within the time difference of swallowing the card and stealing the money in the card.