There once was a little bird, smaller than a sparrow

There once was a little bird, smaller than a sparrow, that lived about 99 million years ago. And it had a freakishly long toe.Despite the rapid development of science and technology, there are still some strange phenomena in nature that cannot be explained by science, so these magical natural phenomena have become unsolved mysteries. Here are 6 mysterious unsolved mysteries of nature!

Java Valley Cave, Indonesia

Java Valley Cave is the most terrifying and strange cave in Indonesia. When people and animals pass through the cave or are 6 to 7 meters away from the cave, they will be "dragged" into the valley and swallowed by a powerful attraction. According to the local people, there are many white bones in the cave, and they can't tell which are human bones and which are animal bones. Up to now, no one can explain the huge suction of Java Valley Cave.

Now, the Indonesian government has set its vicinity as a restricted area, forbidding anyone to enter. However, scientific research teams from all over the world have never stopped studying it.



French Pyrenees Holy Spring

There is a clear spring in the cave in the small town of Laudis in the Pyrenees Mountains. It has attracted thousands of people from all over the world with its magical healing power. Even skin patients who cannot be treated by modern medicine will recover quickly after coming here for treatment, so it becomes a world-famous mysterious "holy spring".



Shicoffin Spring, France

Also in the Pyrenean Mountains, in the church of Arles town, there is a sarcophagus that was more than 1500 years ago. The sarcophagus is about 1.93 meters long and carved from white marble. It is puzzling that the sarcophagus is filled with clear spring like water all the year round, but no one can explain where the water in the sarcophagus comes from. Water conservancy experts failed to cut off the water supply in the sarcophagus by all means. The water in the sarcophagus does not flow, but it can be automatically replaced to keep it clean. Many scientists have failed to explain the mystery.



Dongshan Aeolian Stone

Dongshan Wind Moving Stone is the most amazing, dangerous and hanging wind moving stone in more than 60 places all over the country, and it is known as "the most wonderful stone in the world". Its wonder lies in the excellent balance of its front, back, left and right weights. When the wind blows, the stone body shakes from side to side, but it will not move again when tilted to a certain angle, so we call it the wind moving stone. There was a 7.5 magnitude earthquake on Dongshan Island. The rocks rolled down and the houses fell down, but the rocks were safe when the wind moved. After the "July 7th Incident", the Japanese army attempted to remove the stone. The Japanese warship "Taihe Pill" tied a wire rope to the stone. With full power, several wire ropes were pulled off, but the stone did not move. Finally, the Japanese army had to give up this attempt. After many vicissitudes, the wind stone still stands askew as before. How was this strange stone formed? It is still a puzzle.



Honduras Blue Hole

On the quiet ocean, there will be a dark blue round water area, which looks like the pupil of the sea from a high place. When looking from a high place, it is deep, mysterious and weird, and always feels like the door to another world.

The Blue Hole in Honduras is one of the top ten geological wonders in the world. Because the hole is very deep, it presents a dark blue scene. This structure is called "Blue Hole".

Indian sacred stone

In the village of Hiwabri in western India, there is a temple. There are two "holy stones" weighing about 90 kg each in the open space in front of the temple. As long as people put the index finger of their right hand on the bottom of the "Holy Stone" and shouted "Kumar Ali Darvi Qi Qi Qi Qi" without stopping, the heavy stone would bounce off the ground and rise to a height of about 2 meters. It will not fall back to the ground until people are out of breath. Can people's language and action information offset the effect of gravity to some extent? No one can explain the reason clearly, which has become an unsolved mystery.