Spores are not only interesting for their unique and

Spores are not only interesting for their unique and extreme biology, but also for practical applications. Some “can cause some rather nasty things” from food poisoning to anthrax, says Setlow, who was not involved in the study. Since spores are resistant to most antibiotics, understanding germination could lead to a way to bring them back to life in order to kill them for good.

Still, there are many unanswered questions about the “black box” of how spores start germination, like whether it’s possible for the spores to “reset” their potassium count. “We really are in the beginnings of trying to fill in that black box,” says Kaito Kikuchi, a biologist now at Reveal Biosciences in San Diego who conducted the work while at University of California, San Diego. But discovering how spores manage to track their environment while more dead than alive is an exciting start.


The latest news comes from the epidemic

On January 7, CDC announced the latest situation of the epidemic:

0-24, January 6

12 newly confirmed cases in Shanghai

The epidemic situation in Shanghai is intermittent, sometimes good and sometimes bad, and it has not been reset for the time being. We still cannot be careless. Yesterday, the single day increase finally fell to two figures. Since the opening up of Shanghai, there may be more and more positive infections, and the number of fever outpatients has increased several times than usual. The medical run is only temporary. Since the large-scale nucleic acid testing has been cancelled, the number of people doing nucleic acid has also decreased a lot, and asymptomatic infections have also stopped doing nucleic acid. The data just from the tip of the iceberg cannot fully explain the current epidemic situation in Shanghai. What we understand is that the epidemic has not really ended. We should still make full preparations and not be careless. Come on, Shanghai!

The epidemic is merciless and there is love in the world. Shanghai also optimized and adjusted relevant policies in a timely manner, cancelled the inspection of nucleic acid certificates, opened fever clinics for treatment, set up 249 hospitals to treat COVID-19 infected people by classification, tried its best to ensure the treatment of citizens, distributed some caring epidemic prevention kits for people in need, sent them to warm up, made this cold winter warmer and more caring, and included COVID-19 examination fees into medical insurance, so that everyone could directly reimburse them, Reduce some economic burdens.

Releasing does not mean lying flat, and unsealing does not mean relieving defense. After infection with COVID-19, due to the different incubation period, symptoms may appear in 1-3 days generally, and they are basically cured in 5-7 days. We need to face the virus positively, not be afraid, and adjust our mentality. If it is asymptomatic or mild, it is recommended to treat it at home to reduce the risk of cross infection in hospital.

In the face of the epidemic, we should not believe or spread rumors. We should always remember the harmfulness of the virus and take personal protection at all times.



1. Wear masks correctly and develop good personal hygiene habits

2. Wash your hands more, open windows more and ventilate more

3. Timely cooperate to complete vaccination

4. Planned preparation and scientific treatment

Just to fight against COVID-19, let's go!

I wish all the best in 2023!