Dollars to eat in the trash, in order to advocate people not to waste food


With the increasing abundance of materials, the phenomenon of waste in society has become more and more serious. Some foods that are clearly edible are discarded because they do not like them or the appearance of the food is no longer beautiful. Some people order too many meals but are unwilling to pack them, which causes great waste. In fact, there are 1 billion people starving every day in the world, and one tenth of the people in China are also starving. If everyone has the sense of saving if they stop wasting food, it is believed that the number of people starving will be reduced a lot.

In order to encourage people not to throw away and waste food at will, John? Truhaford has decided to create a unique food club in Brooklyn. People who participate in this exclusive club will have the opportunity to spend $50 to get six courses on food and trash can residues, and can eat in a trash can that can accommodate 20 people and will be demolished soon. Of course, in order to show that the so-called "unusable" food is actually edible, the club's chefs will use cooked vegetables and fruits, such as ripe bananas or slightly flawed apricots, to cook the vegetarian food created by the Food Research Institute. You may think that it is a waste to spend $50 on these meals, but all of these meals will be donated to non-profit cooking teams. This unique food club will be held in August, and the project research will become John? Part of Truhaford's master's thesis.

Yes, if everyone can bring food to its full potential, it should reduce a lot of unnecessary waste.


From "Made in China" to "Made in China", from factor-driven to innovation-driven, Dong Tian Industrial Control, based on rich industry experience and technology accumulation, adopted new models and new applications, took the lead in launching a new e-commerce model of "entity+network", and made a strong effort to build a "model of brand pioneer e-commerce" to set a benchmark, radiating all over the country, which is quite likely to meet the market demand. A cross-industry and cross-domain industrial Internet has been formed. Focusing on the core technologies such as "Internet of Things", "Big Data" and "Artificial Intelligence", and based on the "cloud", the "hard" links of manufacturing industry and the "soft" links of service industry are interconnected and integrated, thus injecting innovative power into China’s intellectual manufacturing industry with high quality.



"If you don’t live up to more than ten years’ time, you’ll never stop",Dong Tian Industrial ControlAdhering to the customer-centered development concept, we take it as our duty to provide customers with high-quality and reliable industrial control products, constantly research and develop new technologies, attract high-tech talents, and provide customers with better solutions.花50美元在垃圾桶中吃饭,为倡导人们不要浪费食物--置顶表情


In recent years, keywords such as medical association and medical community have appeared frequently in the documents of the government and competent departments, and the construction mode of medical association and medical community has been mentioned by everyone. What are the differences between medical association and medical association? What benefits can they bring to the local area? How to build a medical association/medical community? These are the concerns of the leaders of local health departments and hospitals.花50美元在垃圾桶中吃饭,为倡导人们不要浪费食物--置顶表情

What is the difference between "medical community" and "medical association"?

The full name of "medical association" is "medical service community", and the full name of medical association is "medical association construction". "Medical community" refers to a holistic medical organization structure constructed by linking hospitals in a region with other medical service institutions and organizations, emphasizing "community". Its remarkable feature is to realize the integration of people and property, and all medical institutions have the same legal person.

The "medical association" is the integration of medical resources in a certain area to form a system of medical mutual assistance and sharing, and the emphasis is on "association". Urban medical groups, county medical associations, cross-regional specialist alliances and telemedicine collaboration all belong to this category.

County medical service community refers to taking county hospitals as the leader, integrating county and township medical and health resources, and implementing group operation and management. Efforts should be made to reform and improve the management system and operation mechanism of county-level hospitals and township hospitals (community health service centers), and form a service community, a responsibility community, a benefit community and a management community.

Traditional Chinese medicine community highlights the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine.

Medical community is an important part of primary medical care, and the competent department has been emphasizing that Chinese medicine should give full play to its advantages in disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation at the primary level.

In order to avoid the "neglect" of traditional Chinese medicine in the construction of medical community. In 2019, the National Health and Wellness Commission and state administration of traditional chinese medicine jointly issued the "Notice on Promoting the Construction of Close County Medical Community", encouraging county-level Chinese medicine hospitals to take the lead in setting up medical community, "strengthening" the grass-roots Chinese medicine service system, "enhancing" the global Chinese medicine service capacity, and providing effective, high-quality and convenient Chinese medicine services for the masses.

Practice has proved that the traditional Chinese medicine community shows the unique advantages and value role of traditional Chinese medicine in disease prevention and treatment, and plays an important role in solving the problem of "difficult and expensive medical treatment" of grassroots people.

AI empowerment of traditional Chinese medicine vigorously promotes the community of traditional Chinese medicine in the county.

With the continuous enrichment and comprehensive promotion of the application of artificial intelligence of traditional Chinese medicine, medical associations and medical communities in many areas have made great achievements under the empowerment of AI of traditional Chinese medicine.

The following are several representative cases of intelligent Chinese medicine community in Congbao Science and Technology Construction-

Haiyan, Zhejiang: The Benchmark of Digital Reform of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zhejiang Province

Haiyan, Zhejiang Province, initiated the reform mode of Chinese medicine intelligent medical community with "grass-roots Chinese medicine, intelligent application and integrated service" in China. Through the comprehensive coverage of Chinese medicine artificial intelligence in medical institutions at all levels of "county-town-village", the coverage rate and integrated management rate of Chinese medicine community health services in the county reached 100%, meeting the needs of the masses for "convenient access to Chinese medicine, good medical treatment and safe use of Chinese medicine".

Haiyan Intelligent Medical Community of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been running steadily for seven years, reshaping the governance system of traditional Chinese medicine, further standardizing doctors’ diagnosis and treatment behaviors by implementing digital supervision, realizing the integration of traditional Chinese medicine services and managing homogeneous traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment services; Sharing the wisdom Chinese pharmacy breaks the inherent interest chain and service chain of the pharmacy, realizes the linkage of medical treatment, medicine and medical insurance, and realizes the sharing of high-quality Chinese medicine resources; Artificial intelligence application innovates the inheritance mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine, which has changed the traditional mode of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, that is, teachers and disciples, and fathers and sons, and effectively promoted the innovation, inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine.




At present, more than 200 counties (cities, districts) across the country have visited and studied Haiyan’s modern Chinese medicine health service, and more than 50 counties (cities, districts) have copied and landed; Haiyan was selected into the only 8 grass-roots health comprehensive experimental areas in China, selected into Zhejiang Digital Society Case Collection and Excellent Application Case Collection of Digital Government System, won many national and provincial honors such as Zhejiang Digital Reform Breakthrough Award, and became the benchmark of digital reform of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang Province.

Songyang, Zhejiang Province: A Community of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medicine with Integration and Development

Songyang traditional Chinese medicine intelligent medical community model is a way of integration and development. Chinese medicine hospitals and people’s hospitals take the lead in the construction of medical community respectively. All Chinese medicine services in medical institutions led by people’s hospitals are uniformly handed over to Chinese medicine hospitals to provide Chinese medicine services through information channels and intelligent means, and Chinese medicine hospitals provide unified business guidance.

The intelligent solution of basic level Chinese medicine service of Songzhong Intelligent Medicine Community reconstructs the mode of Chinese medicine intelligently, automatically and digitally, and provides all-round one-stop services for patients, such as medical treatment, prescription and distribution, which greatly improves the "good medicine+good medicine" service ability of basic level Chinese medicine.

At present, the number of TCM services in Songyang has reached 750,000 in the past two years, and the coverage rate of TCM in the whole county has basically reached 100% at the village level.

In 2022, Songyang County was awarded the title of "National Advanced Unit of Grass-roots Traditional Chinese Medicine".