Some people are willing to pay someone to beat themselves up

This white paper comprehensively summarizes Alibaba’s practice in the field of AI governance and sustainable development, focusing on the current hot issues in AI application, and systematically introduces our practice ideas and methods from the aspects of data, technology, management and multi-collaboration. At the same time, it is explained with some special topics, hoping to provide useful reference for all sectors of society.


At present, artificial intelligence technology is developing vigorously, widely empowering thousands of industries, and bringing profound changes to human production and life. While artificial intelligence promotes social development, there are also risks and challenges.

At work, we often use WPS to read and edit various documents, but in fact, the software contains many practical gadgets.

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A large number of artificial intelligence governance and development principles have been formed all over the world. The next step is to put the abstract principles into practice. As an important force in the research and development and application of enterprise artificial intelligence technology, it is urgent to explore a set of artificial intelligence governance practice system suitable for its own business development, implement all governance requirements into the whole life cycle of artificial intelligence, and lay the foundation for the release of artificial intelligence dividends with effective governance, thus accelerating the realization of sustainable development vision.

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I have seen scenes in movies or TV dramas where people beat themselves up to earn money. However, in foreign countries, such things really happen, but the role is reversed. Employers pay others to beat themselves up. It is estimated that the young partners will think that this person is definitely brain pumping, and this is not to spend money to find pain. Even though you think it's incredible, it really happened.

Amazon Amanda is a girl who is much taller than ordinary people. Of course, she has found a way of life different from ordinary girls. She set up a website on which she published some work content that she could provide: attacking the other party, squeezing the other party, pressing the other party, etc. If you think that no one will spend money to enjoy this service, you are wrong. Look, the man in the picture below is Sergio Miranda, her customer from New Jersey.

Maybe Sergio Miranda just wanted to feel this new thing, or maybe he wanted to reduce some pressure. No matter what the reason, he did pay someone to beat him up. So, after reading this, are you willing to pay for this masochistic service?