At present, Baidu’s intelligent threat hunting platform has been widely

Now all products sold on the market have packaging, and sometimes the quality of packaging can basically determine the sales volume of products. However, in essence, packaging can not solve any problem except as a tool to attract customers' attention. For example, we often drink mineral water in plastic bottles. Although plastic bottles can be recycled, it is actually difficult to avoid environmental damage. In view of this, a group of industrial designers from London designed an edible "mineral water bottle".

This edible mineral water bottle is named "Ooho", and its main materials are sodium alginate and calcium chloride. The brown algae and calcium chloride are made into a double-layer film, which is wrapped with pure water. It looks like a transparent water bag. In fact, it is added with edible gel, so this Ooho can be eaten, and it will be completely digested by the stomach. This edible water bottle is not only environmentally friendly, but also relatively cheap.

Xiaobian thinks that this edible water bottle can be promoted because it is environmentally friendly. Do you think so? This product is expected to be launched this year, and we may be able to eat this water bottle in the near future.


At present, Baidu’s intelligent threat hunting platform has been widely used in energy, government affairs, transportation, Internet and other industries. With its outstanding AI security capability, it has made outstanding offensive and defensive performance and traceability performance in network offensive and defensive drills and red-blue confrontation actions for head customers such as government, enterprises and energy, and helped government and enterprise organizations win the first place in offensive and defensive drills.

In a project case of an energy company, by virtue of the product’s efficient perception and protection ability to unknown threats, it helps customers to deal with advanced threats such as 0day/Nday and APT attacks more efficiently, realizes rapid detection and response to security threats, and improves the efficiency of security operation and maintenance. It can not only build a complete defense-in-depth system, combine real-time data and artificial intelligence algorithm model, assist customers to make advanced security decisions, empower security operation and maintenance personnel, effectively deal with known and unknown threats, and fight against 0-Day and N-Day. It can identify the identity of attackers through a powerful intelligent traceability system, completely overturn the passive mode based on IP traceability in the past, and efficiently escort key infrastructure systems.

你敢吃吗?可以吃的水瓶,环保又方便--置顶表情With Baidu’s leading AI security capability fully integrated into all modules of Baidu’s brain and covering all businesses in Baidu AI Cloud, under the unique advantage of "integration of cloud and intelligence", Baidu Security will continue to be innovative and pragmatic in the future, take on the strong demand for security from the market and enterprises, and devote itself to building an intelligent integrated security system based on AI and big data based on the rich technical precipitation of Baidu AI and big data, so as to accelerate the process of enterprise intelligent security integration.


The intelligent networked car is going on the road.

On November 2nd, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with the Ministry of Public Security, organized and drafted the Notice on Piloting the Access and Road Traffic of Intelligent Networked Vehicles (Draft for Comment). The "Notice" proposes that the two departments will select qualified road motor vehicle manufacturers and intelligent networked automobile products with automatic driving function with mass production conditions to carry out pilot access; For the intelligent networked automobile products that have passed the access pilot, the road traffic pilot will be carried out in the limited public road area of the pilot city.

你敢吃吗?可以吃的水瓶,环保又方便--置顶表情Boosted by this news, the concept of A-share intelligent networked car went up collectively on November 2nd, and Qiming Information gained 2 consecutive boards. Many stocks such as Luchang Technology and Zhejiang Shibao went straight up to the daily limit.