The world's tallest building Phoenix Tower will be built in Wuhan

In China, there are already many high landmark buildings in many big cities, such as Diwang Building, Jingji 100, Guangzhou East Tower, Taipei 101, and so on, which are skyscrapers. However, the world's highest twin tower, the Phoenix Tower, will be built in Wuhan, China. If completed, it will be a landmark building.

The twin towers were designed by British architect Chetwoods, who named them in the mythical style of "twin phoenix". The taller one was named "phoenix", and the lower one was named "phoenix". The tower is 1000 meters high, far higher than the current world's tallest building - the 848 meters Dubai Tower.

It is reported that the tower will cover an area of 7 hectares and be located on a 47 hectare island in the middle of a lake. Of course, the surrounding environment will also become an attached scenic area of the whole tower. The two towers have their own characteristics. The higher tower is inclined to the business district of Wuhan, and the other tower is oriented to the cultural and leisure area of the city. From an environmental point of view, this tower can be used for waste recycling to generate its own power demand, while also delivering energy to the surrounding. Of course, it is also part of the environmental green strategy of Wuhan Lake.

However, at present, the "Phoenix Tower" project, which responds to the Chinese architectural style, is still awaiting the final approval of Wuhan. Of course, if the project is finally approved, the foundation will be laid next year, and the total construction period is expected to be more than 3 years. If all goes well, we will see the world's tallest buildings bloom in China in a few years.

中国武汉将建世界最高建筑 — 凤凰塔--置顶表情

On the bright side, there are indeed "slackers" in every big company who just take money and do nothing. Their laziness is unfair to diligent employees. Clearing the "bastards" out of the company is conducive to creating a fairer working environment.

On the bad side, employees are likely to become robots, exposed to the monitoring of artificial intelligence all the time and forced to work all the time. It’s like the scene in Chaplin’s movie "Modern Times": workers subconsciously screw when they eat.

If this artificial intelligence system is extended to life, the consequences can be imagined.

中国武汉将建世界最高建筑 — 凤凰塔--置顶表情

Affected by the epidemic situation and geopolitical challenges, all walks of life have set off an upsurge of digital development, and the manufacturing industry is no exception. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), British manufacturers are facing the worst shortage of workers since 1989, and efficiency has become more important to the current manufacturing industry than ever before. In order to meet the supply demand, digital transformation has become the top priority of British manufacturers. However, the opportunity of supply chain digitalization has just sprouted.

Face the supply chain problem directly

中国武汉将建世界最高建筑 — 凤凰塔--置顶表情

Although labor shortage has had many impacts on manufacturers, there is still a lot of work to be done to solve this problem. Manufacturers must first know something about digitalization and understand the potential it can bring to the industry. In 2021, the research committee of German Business Daily and TeamViewer found that only 33% of logistics companies in Europe have formulated digital transformation strategies. Even more surprising, according to TeamViewer’s research data this year, only 45% of manufacturing and logistics workers think that their industry will be closely linked with digital communication technology and collaboration software.

Enterprises need to make digital investment in the whole supply chain to make it more flexible and flexible to cope with the dynamic and changing global economy. Front-line workers should get the support of digital technology and complete the corresponding work to meet the supply demand. If the right solutions are not deployed, enterprises are likely to fall behind because they fail to give full play to their digital potential. What else can we do to realize the digitalization of the front line?

中国武汉将建世界最高建筑 — 凤凰塔--置顶表情