There may be only 2,000 employees fishing, but it’s

Nowadays, more and more people love keeping pets. Among them, there are more people who keep pet dogs. Like people, pet dogs need to go out for a walk every day. However, the problem is that every time they go out for a walk, they should tightly pull the dog rope, not only holding hands, but also taking up both hands, which is very annoying. However, today, Zhiding Xiaobian will introduce a dog walking rope that can be worn on the wrist - Lishinu, with which the owners will no longer have to worry!

The dog walking rope Lishinu is designed by Grega, a Slovenian designer, and is dedicated to the owner of Wang Xingren! Lishinu looks a little like our common tape measure from the outside. The rope inside it is 3m long and elastic. Lishinu has a strap like a wrist watch, which can be worn on the wrist when walking the dog, and the other end is fixed to the collar of the dog, so you don't have to always pull the dog rope tightly as before, you can free your hands, watch your mobile phone, tie your shoelaces, and even run, which is more convenient and convenient, and makes walking the dog feel easy!

However, owners who love dogs should not be too excited, because this product is not available in China, we can only wait patiently.

可以戴在手腕上的遛狗绳Lishinu 让你更轻松遛狗--置顶表情

The development of artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword. Some people use it to develop medical robots and save lives. Some people use it to develop supervisors and turn people into machines.

Let’s talk about why capitalists couldn’t monitor the working status of every employee before the artificial intelligence system appeared.

This involves an economic concept-the boundary of the company. Company is the core of modern capitalism. If we leave the organized company, we will return to the handicraft workshops in feudal times, which can’t meet the needs of mass production.

Stimulated by profits, the company will continue to expand its scale, expand its production and occupy a larger market with more commodities.

The expansion of the company’s scale has brought a management problem: how to ensure that tens of thousands of employees don’t "fish"?

The simplest way is to hire a supervisor and employ people to monitor people. But this brings two contradictions: First, supervisors are also employees, and they also get paid. For a factory with 20,000 employees, at least 4,000 supervisors need to be employed to ensure that there is no blind spot for monitoring.

可以戴在手腕上的遛狗绳Lishinu 让你更轻松遛狗--置顶表情

可以戴在手腕上的遛狗绳Lishinu 让你更轻松遛狗--置顶表情

可以戴在手腕上的遛狗绳Lishinu 让你更轻松遛狗--置顶表情

There may be only 2,000 employees fishing, but it’s uneconomical to pay 4,000 supervisors more. Second, supervisors are human beings, they have feelings, and they will selectively monitor.

People with good relationships cut them some slack, while those with bad relationships face death. Good employees may be forced away, while bad employees are sheltered.

Therefore, no factory would choose to employ a large number of supervisors, but invented the KPI system to measure the workload of an employee. There is no need to repeat how inefficient the KPI system is. Most companies’ KPI systems are just digital games, and it is easy to cheat.

It is precisely because of various restrictions in the operation of factories that economists agree that companies have boundaries and cannot expand indefinitely. The bigger you are, the more bastards you can’t monitor, and the less efficient your company will be. This is the root of "big company disease".

The emergence of artificial intelligence has completely solved the "big company disease". First of all, artificial intelligence doesn’t need salary. It only needs to pay one-time research and development expenses in the early stage and low maintenance expenses in the later stage to monitor everyone.

Secondly, artificial intelligence has no feelings, it is very fair, and will just find out every bastard hidden in the corner of the company. Finally, artificial intelligence doesn’t need rest, it can work 24 hours a day, leaving no gaps.

With Amazon’s intelligent supervisor, the boundaries of the company will cease to exist, and a number of world-class monopoly companies may appear.

可以戴在手腕上的遛狗绳Lishinu 让你更轻松遛狗--置顶表情

可以戴在手腕上的遛狗绳Lishinu 让你更轻松遛狗--置顶表情