The Art of Finding Time with the Earth and Moon Concept Watch

绝美腕表——地球与月亮概念手表 找寻时间的艺术--置顶表情

With the development of science and technology, electronic products have been used more and more widely. Our tool to watch time has also changed from the original watch to the current mobile phone. A large number of people think that wearing a watch is not only a trouble, but it is not very useful now. However, some people like wearing a watch, and think it can show their taste. Some people may think that "judging people by their appearance" is too superficial, but the fact is that when you raise your hand and raise your wrist, others have already learned your taste symbol through your watch. Some watch lovers not only like to wear watches, but also like to collect them, because they can let people feel the beauty of rare art in the one-way passage of time. Yes, many watches are novel in design and exquisite in manufacture, not only practical, but also ornamental. Today, Qian'er, a little editor of Puting Expression, will introduce a particularly exquisite and novel Earth and Moon concept watch to you. I believe that watch lovers will like it.

This "Earth and Moon Concept Watch" was designed by Alexander Sorokin, a Russian designer. Its time is particularly accurate, and it can synchronize with satellites. The shell of this watch is made of stainless steel, and the screen is made of sapphire glass crystal. It looks so elegant. Of course, the biggest difference between this Earth and Moon concept watch and ordinary watches is that it has a built-in GPS sensor, which can not only synchronize the watch time with the satellite, but also see your position from space. However, this watch has to jointly determine the time by identifying the hour hour represented by the revolving moon and the minute represented by the shadow covering the earth. This is a bit difficult, because this time identification method is difficult to accurately identify the time, so the practicality of this Earth and Moon concept watch is slightly inferior to its ornamental value. But think about it, it is not only more interesting but also more cool to wear the "Earth and Moon" on your wrist!

However, watch lovers should not be excited, because this "Earth and Moon" has not been sold yet, so we can only wait patiently!

绝美腕表——地球与月亮概念手表 找寻时间的艺术--置顶表情

Musk said, "The ultimate goal of capitalism is to’ capitalize’ everything in the world." Of course, including people, turning people into a part of capital.

Strictly speaking, "human capital" is an immoral word. People create capital, but capitalists want to turn people into their own capital and means of production.

It’s not a fantasy, but it’s true that Amazon on the other side of the ocean happened.

Amazon has developed an artificial intelligence system, which can monitor the working status of every employee.

For example, a sorter, how many couriers did he sort in an hour? Amazon’s regulation is 120 pieces. If the indicator is not met, the artificial intelligence system generates a report and automatically dismisses "lazy" employees.

绝美腕表——地球与月亮概念手表 找寻时间的艺术--置顶表情

According to statistics, there is a cargo hold with 2,500 people who automatically expelled 300 "bastards" within one year after running this artificial intelligence system, which is highly efficient.

The dismissed employee went to court to sue Amazon. As a result, Amazon presented the detailed data to the judge, accurate to the employee’s hourly workload, and successfully convinced the judge that the employee was indeed a "bastard" and was not wronged.

Under the monitoring of artificial intelligence, Amazon’s sorting efficiency has increased by 15% and its salary expenditure has decreased by 10%.

绝美腕表——地球与月亮概念手表 找寻时间的艺术--置顶表情